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skin diamond - SOURCE - More Sex Gifs at omfgsexygifs


skin diamond - SOURCE - More Sex Gifs at omfgsexygifs

A you had sex with two dudes two weeks ago?!?!?!?!?!?!

yeah i did. :D i went to a kickback w/ some friends from high school. i ended up bumping into Peter (this cute ass guy i had a crush on) He was feeling me. I was feeling him. There was alcohol in the midst lol. He invited me back to his place. His (cute) roommate was there, but we went straight to Peter’s room. I kind of just went for it & started sucking his dick x) He of course did not mind. Midway through the bj I asked Peter if maybe he roommate wanted to join. He just looked at me w/ this surprised look on his face, but didn’t really move. So i got up & casually asked the roommate if he wanted to join in on the fun. He agreed & so now we had moved into their living room. I was just sucking & stroking both of their dicks. I could feel my pussy getting hella wet. 

Peter moved over & started hiking up my dress & slid his dick in. Now i was getting fucked while I was sucking his roommates cock. I felt like such a slut but it was totally ok lol. Then Peter & his roommate switched but his roommate decided to fuck my ass. We even tried to do a little bit of dp but it was too much :( so we went back to the different positions of threesomes & i was just like having hella orgasms & squirting too. it was sooo good. they definitely enjoyed it themselves. they gave me a cumfacial lol & i got up, got dressed and left.

that was my saturday night 3weeks ago ^-^

so A are us fans, ever going to see your tits?

ahhh good question. i had no idea people were still interested in seeing my boobs x) soo….maybe..idk lol

I just want to say keep up the good job guys and gals!!!

awww thank you. you’re too sweet(:

mmmm papi can i suck your cock while you eat my pussy?? please???-A

mmmm papi can i suck your cock while you eat my pussy?? please???